Greeting Cards - Imperfect Post, Love & Friendship

- Send a card direct to a friend from our imperfect stock; they may have a blotch or creased corner, but even imperfect cards are a delight when they arrive unannounced in the post!

- At checkout, leave your message & recipient's address. We'll write and send for you

- We'll pick a card from a range of our blank/general friendship designs

- £1 covers postage and packaging

- You help us reduce waste, we help you spread joy! 

*UK Only

*PLEASE NOTE we currently only have Birthday and male directed (Dad, Dude, Marvellous Man etc) available in our imperfect stock. 

We will also write and send direct any regular purchase, so please consider buying any card of your choice on the website and email us afterwards with your message. Thank you!

Please enter your message & recipient's address in the notes box at checkout.