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Our colourful, playful Plastic Free July!

February is the month of Love! For centuries, it’s been all about Valentine’s Day, but in recent years the far superior - and much worthier of celebration - Galentine’s Day has picked up speed, thanks to our favourite tv show (Parks & Rec) and is now definitely, officially a thing. We sat down in the studio to take a moment to celebrate female friendship and our own, enduring, 20 year Gal Pal-ship.

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As lockdown has eased a little over the last few weeks, we have seen many of our amazing independent stockists re-open their doors. We also got to play an exciting part in the re-opening of one, Holly & Co!
Jade was asked to create the artwork for the re-opening window and interior wall display at Holly & Co’s beautiful work/shop - the theme was a thank you to the key workers who kept us all going throughout lockdown, and, as always with Holly, lots of COLOUR!
Jade also popped onto Instagram Live for a chat with Holly Tucker, who was live at the shop for the unveiling. It almost felt like we were there ourselves! It was such a lovely opportunity to chat and work with another creative independent business after weeks of working from home in our lockdown bubbles. Thanks for having us, Holly!
Here at jade Fisher HQ, not only do we encourage playful and thoughtful connections, we also encourage FUN. Did you know every single one of our cards has been inspired by someone we know and love for loads of different reasons? Over the rest of the year we will be sharing more on the folks behind the cards as Jade Fisher wouldn’t be who we are without them…
But in the mean time, we passed the fun baton over to you. Have you seen the competition we ran on Instagram in recent weeks?
We asked to see your interpretations of our cards, and received a tonne of fun takes on our brilliant women, cool dudes and more. You can see some of our own creations here, but pop over to our instagram highlights to see the amazing efforts you made and the (cutest ever) winning entry!
Three Jade Fisher cards against decorative backgrounds
While we’ve got you here, did you know it’s Plastic Free July, too? Plastic Free July is a global movement encouraging everyone to end plastic pollution. Imagine a world with cleaner cities, countrysides and communities.
If you’ve read our green statement you know single use plastic is a no go in our world. We don’t use cellophane sleeves with our direct customer orders. Occasionally, where our stockists do require cello sleeves, we use a fantastic biodegradable alternative. If we ever receive packages that include plastic, we donate this (bubblewrap, for example) to businesses neighbouring our studio.
Let’s leave this world better than we entered it if we can! There are so many useful resources out there to support you, not only during Plastic Free July, but into the future. For ideas of things you can do to reduce plastic pollution at home, in work, in school and in the community, visit a super handy website, bursting at the seems with ideas.