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The importance of keeping in touch

Some may say 2020 has got off to a rocky start; floods in the UK, fires in Australia, and now the world-halting Corona virus. Over the coming weeks, many people will be in self-isolation, we’ll all be struggling to know exactly what’s going on and what we should do, possibly feeling anxious and lonely. The only way we feel like we can help is by trying to keep your spirits up with our new Imperfect Post scheme - encouraging you to keep connected and spread joy!

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This month, we had planned to write a blog on the importance of keeping in touch - about how writing letters and sending cards to loved ones is a gesture that we want to keep alive, because we really do believe in the simple joy of receiving them. Now though, we feel like this message is particularly important. There are people around the country that may go for weeks without socialising and many more again that don’t have access to social media to stay connected to the wider world - a handwritten message to them inside a thoughtful card could be the bit of sunshine they need, especially in our current situation.

So, introducing our Imperfect Post!

For just £1 (to cover postage & packaging) you can send a card direct to a friend to brighten their day. Tell us who you want it to go to and what message you’d like written, and we’ll do the rest. The card will be a lucky dip from our imperfect stock - they may have a small print mark or scuffed edge, but they are still perfect for spreading love, friendship, well wishes and positive thoughts!

Not only will this hopefully help cheer us all up a little, it will also help if we’re all being a bit more frugal while things are uncertain, and it will help us reduce waste. As you know, we are passionate about being eco friendly in all of our practices, and we hate to waste stock that is perfectly usable. This seems like a win win solution!

Whilst the postal services are running as normal, we’ll be continuing to send your orders. On top of Imperfect Post, we’re always happy to write a card for you and send directly to the recipient to speed things up; just drop us a message after you’ve made your purchase if you’d like us to do this for you.

We can never know exactly what’s going to happen - sometimes our lives are just thrown up the air. The most we can do is stay connected, stay kind and look after each other.