Jade and Lolly smiling at each other, holding up a Gals Pals card.

Be my galentine

February is the month of Love! For centuries, it’s been all about Valentine’s Day, but in recent years the far superior - and much worthier of celebration - Galentine’s Day has picked up speed, thanks to our favourite tv show (Parks & Rec) and is now definitely, officially a thing. We sat down in the studio to take a moment to celebrate female friendship and our own, enduring, 20 year Gal Pal-ship.

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The origins of Galentine's Day

Jade: In the words of our beloved Leslie Knope, Happy Galentine’s Day babes
Lolly: Happy Galentine’s Day! That’s where it started right, the most wholesome and hilarious show ever
Jade: Yep
Lolly: We even have a card named in her honour (Knope - you are lovely)
Jade: Yeah, and our Treat Yourself card, that’s titled ‘Meagle’ - after Donna.
Lolly: We’re stans!
Jade: There are some excellent women on that show, no wonder they came up with a holiday to celebrate each other.
Lolly: I love that Leslie’s compliments are slightly unflattering. (Ann, you’re a beautiful, brilliant, talented, powerful musk ox.) It’s ideal for us, because we’re only overtly nice to each other when we really have to be. Jade: Yeah, I can’t be nice to you. It makes me queazy. Lolly: It only works in drunk texts

Our lasting friendship

Jade: So, why do you think our friendship has lasted so long when others have come and gone? There have definitely been girls I’ve been friends with who I’ve liked more than you. But 20 years on, here you still are…Lolly: Haha, maybe because I’m the only one who likes you back. Or maybe it’s our shared love of life’s most important things: dogs, food, anything funny.
Jade: We do enjoy some lovely activities together, don’t we.
Polaroid pictures of Jade and Lolly in a photo booth

Bonding activities

Lolly: What’s your favourite girly bonding activity?
Jade: Coffee and a whinge? Lolly: Mine is singing out hearts out in the car. Curating the best playlist ever and harmonising like sweet, sweet angels.
Jade: Oh yeah, we are really good at that. Remember when we were teens and first driving, and we made a CD of songs with really good guitar solos to sing to? Specifically, just the guitar solos
Lolly: You say sing…
Jade: It’s always nice cooking together too. Cooking a meal for someone is the nicest thing. It’s the nicest thing you’ve ever done for me - when it was my birthday and I was having a bit of a rough time and I turned up in my pjs and lay down in your kitchen while you cooked for me. And it was a feast. That was the best. Lolly: Food is the language of love, so they say. I think the dog walks do it for me. Pretty much all of my heartbreaks have been fixed with a flask of coffee, our daft dogs, having a whinge with you up a mountain.

The value of female friendship

Jade: That’s the special thing about female friendship, isn’t it? We just know, when to pick the other up, what they need. It’s intuition.
Lolly: It’s how to just feel good about things - how to laugh at ourselves.  Whether thats from sending each other the ugliest selfies we can, just to cheer the other one up, or creating silly gifts, or making the dumbest fancy-dress costume you can together - you can never feel ashamed or embarrassed by things if you just laugh at it all with someone.
Jade: It’s everything, women tend to share everything, there’s nothing that I feel is too weird or depressing or silly to tell you, or run by you. For a while in our 20s, when generally you feel like a grown up but have no clue what you want and what you should do, neither of us could make a single decision without running it past the other first, and then you start to feel normal, and worthy and more confident because you have someone there backing you up through all the ups and downs of womanhood. It’s scary to think what life would be like without that, without feeling comfortable to just say every daft and strange thought that came into my head, and have you go ‘yeah, I’ve been there too.’ Or, you know, ‘God you’re weird, but it’s fine.’
Lolly: Oh that’s nice! Look, you can be nice to me after all
Jade: Gross
Jade and Lolly making silly faces


Lolly: So seeing as you love me so much, which of our products are you gifting me for Galentine’s Day? Jade: Well you know I’m trying to run a business here, so you can only have damaged stock. But I think the I am Woman print is good for you, because you are so angry. All. The. Time. And as you know, almost all of our friendship cards are named after you or us or things that relate to us, so there are loads to choose from. Lolly: I like the little secret codes in all the card titles
Jade: You can have the Gal Pals card, because that’s a portrait of us.
Lolly: I’ll find you a dud of the Swimmer Print because you are a joyful child in the sea.  I’d also give you a ‘Stop and Smell the Roses’ notepad because you LOVE ticking off a to-do list AND you’re a total garden nerd.
Jade: And you are a beautiful tropical fish.
A selection of Galentines Day products: Meagle, Knope, LJ, Roar Print, Swimmer Print, Roses notepad
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