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Welcome to The Card Drawer

When we were all plunged into lockdown a few months ago, we began to handwrite and send your cards direct. In the face of massive change and uncertainty, we wanted to do something that felt instantly proactive and helpful - and cards are what we do best! We wanted to help you keep in touch and extend a little kindness in a time when lots of people would be feeling very isolated, and all of us would be affected in some way - not seeing loved ones, missing birthdays, births, weddings and everything in between!

Writing your cards lifted our spirits so much. Spending our days writing messages of love and friendship, beautiful in-jokes and hilarious pet names made us so proud and filled us with positivity in a pretty negative situation.

And so, we became even more excited about the project we’d been working on over the last year, that, as it all turns out, couldn’t really be launching at a better time!

Enter, The Card Drawer, our brand new, greeting card subscription service!
With our bespoke dashboard, you can schedule all of your important occasions throughout the year, add all of your important contacts, and let us do the rest! Each month we’ll send you a reminder of what’s coming up in your calendar, with the option to pick your cards or have us pick them for you, and write and send them direct.

In these increasingly digital (and currently, distanced!) days, we passionately believe in keeping in touch in a meaningful way. A surprise, handwritten note in the post can be a complete day-changer, and we love the thought of helping you bring this joy to your family and friends.  No more forgotten cards at the bottom of your bag, no more HBD texts, you tell us what you want to send and when, and we’ll send it.
Find out more & sign up here!

We’d love to hear from you! If you have any feedback on The Card Drawer or any of our products, please feel free to get in touch.

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