Collage of witch-themed Jade Fisher products

Something witchy this way comes!

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If you’re feeling a bit like us, you can’t quite believe how quickly the nights are drawing in either. The darker evenings, that cold snap in the morning and the growing urge for hot chocolate can only mean one thing, the C word. No not Christmas… COLLECTION! (or a NEW collection really, but you get what we were trying to do, right?!)

Introducing our magical new cards and notepads!
Collage of witch-themed cards
If you've caught the Insta sneak peeks of our 2021 Busy Women calendar over the last few weeks, you'll know that we truly believe that this world is full of magical women.  Those women are fundamental in connecting us as humans, constantly nurturing each other and the world we live in, and that's why magical women have been a huge inspiration for our latest WITCHY collection.
Powerful women throughout history have been often accused of witchcraft, even including some of our modern day faves (see on-stage sorceress Stevie Nicks!) but we say women should own this mysterious power and celebrate what we may have once got burnt at the stake for!
With the changing of the seasons and Halloween approaching next month, embrace your inner witch with our new greeting cards and celebrate the mysterious power we share, sending magical vibes and witchy, women empowerment.  They are to celebrate your power, your divine-ness & your strength.
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