Collage of Valentines-themed Jade Fisher products

The Month of Love

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It’s been a tough year…and it’s only February! So we’re taking every opportunity this month to get lovey. Whether it’s your gal, your pal or your val - it’s the time to send extra (virtual…or paper!) kisses to the ones you love.
Of course, we’re most enthusiastic about our gals, the amazing wonder women in our lives that have got us through the weirdest months ever, this year and last. Here’s a shout out to the girls!
Whether Valetine’s Day is a special one for you or not, never forget your GALentines.
What is Galentine’s? We hear you ask. You may remember we covered it last year in our socials. “Oh, it’s only the best day of the year,” according to the legendary Leslie Knope.
Galentine’s is a a special day (February 13th to be exact) to celebrate the ultimate gal pal, your first true love and the most fabulous woman you know. It’s about celebrating the gal that not only *gets* you, but like, gets gets you.
It’s “ladies celebrating ladies!”
So here are our top recommendations to make your gal pal smile, why not pick your fave and write a note to remind them just how rad they really are:
“You are lovely” - Knope card
“Gal pals” - LJ card
You rock” - LRG card
While we can’t get together this year, with technology on our side it’s super easy to see a friendly face. So here are some ideas we have for you, to celebrate love and friendship with your significant others;
An online pamper party! - Grab those itty bitty samples and face-masks you keep in the back of your cupboard you’ve been meaning to use for ages and join your friends online for a face-mask and a giggle. Optional bowl of warm water and flannel off to the side! We want to see screen shots of this one.
Get crafty - You could take this one seriously and follow along with an online tutorial (Bob Ross anyone?!) or just explore your creativity with a glass of wine in hand, go wild with a blank canvas and a heap of glitter. You can all show off your work to camera at the end like your very own *wine fuelled* exhibition.
Dinner date - Now, we understand getting food to everyone is a logistical nightmare, so why not pick a cuisine and everyone bring their own brunch to the zoom call. Chuck on a nice top and you never know, having a catch up over bowl of spaghetti may *almost* be like being in a restaurant. Pjs allowed from the waist down.
Psssst….Last but not least, even though we know the girls are your ride or dies, if you do have a significant other in your love bubble don’t forget to show them a little love too.
Here’s some of our absolute faves from this year’s brand new cards for lover:
“You look perfect to me” - Harris card
“SWALK” - SWALK card
Congratulations, winner. You have won a lifetime supply of hugs and kisses” - Winner card