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Spring is in the air

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Lockdown is slowly but surely easing here in Wales, soon we’ll be able to meet 6 whole people outdoors, can you imagine, that’s practically a rave these days! The sun is showing us her babe-in’ face more and more and spring is truly in bloom, we’re feeling way positive!

We trust our pals all across the UK are feeling these positive baby steps and you’re able to make some bloomin’ lovely plans for the summer with your nearest and dearest.
“You are lovely” - Knope card
Spring can feel like a real time of renewal. We’ve all come so far, hunkered down all winter, that as the cooler days thaw and flowers bloom, we can’t wait to spend more time outdoors feeling revived and ready for this new chapter of 2021.

The first task on our spring bucket list is more time spent round the fire pit, drinking cider made from last years apples (harvested and brewed by Jade’s very own brother!)
“Hooray” - Fiesta card
Here’s some more ideas you could add to the list;
  • Dining al fresco… and after the year we’ve all had, a sandwich on a park bench sounds divine!
  • A good de-clutter… we can’t wait for the charity shops to reopen, maybe we’ll give away all those heels our feet will never get used to again
  • Heading to the coast… we’ve sure missed our cold water swims in the sea. (Who remembers our post of the benefits of cold water / fresh water swimming?)
  • There’s loads of awesome spring ideas here on Pinterest, for you, teens and everything in between.
Great things lie ahead - road card
What's on your spring / summer *must do* list?
Now, we might be used to a bit of rain here in Wales, but we must admit we’ve been yearning for longer, warmer days and shake off the hibernation. Though while the rule of 6 is such a treat, there will be lots of folks whose family and besties are just too far away and it will still be a tough springtime. So why not get inspired by our IN BLOOM curation of cards, to send a bit of sunshine to your best buds. Let them know how you can’t wait to give them a big squeeze and can’t wait for a time we will all be together again.
We hope these thoughts of spring, with the sun on your cheeks, can bring you a sense of joy and positivity.