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Usually around this time of year things are starting to ramp up - the fireworks, the festive party planning, the smell of Santa in the air… but this has been no usual year! With a quiet, hunkered down winter ahead, we’ve decided to make November our month of thanks, reflecting on the year and looking forward to the festive period and the new year ahead with positivity.
Life as we know it has been thrown up in the air this year, and it has been rough, but there have also been so many lovely things sprinkled in, with people sticking together, pitching in, and sending more love than they may have done before (we should know - we spent all of lockdown writing your cards with messages of friendship and support, and there were a lot!)
It’s been a tough year for small businesses and as we head into the festive season and tighter restrictions on our normal Christmas habits, we hope you will all shop small and support your local businesses as enthusiastically as you can! We have had amazing support from our customers and stockists all year and we love you and thank you so much. Your orders and messages have really made many of our days - our mood is always lifted sending your thoughtful cards and gifts.
Our lovely little studio bubble (the coffee, the lunchbox reveal, the surprise dog days) seems like a distant memory, but there are some changes this year brought about that we are very grateful for!
Our new working from home situation included mad dashes to the studio for stock, deliveries and watering the plants. With the launches of Imperfect Post , the scheme where we wrote and posted your cards for you (for the price of postage!) and The Card Drawer *link* , our greeting card subscription service that’ll cover all your card sending for the year, our time was more stretched than usual and we found that we really needed to expand the team.
While she has always been there as our third pair of hands, and the original card packer (it all started at her kitchen table) we officially hoisted Jade’s mum out of retirement! She is now in charge of all our web store orders, so when you receive your perfectly packaged parcels, it’s all thanks to Mama Fisher! Sitting back at her table together, taking things slower for a while and chatting over order organising has been a massive highlight of lockdown life, and we couldn’t be more grateful to have Linda in our lives.
Collage of pictures of Linda
We were also super lucky to get Louisa Mallett on board. A long time friend and creative collaborator on many a project, we’ve been hoping Lou could get involved at Jade Fisher forever and, luckily for us, she thought the middle of a pandemic was the perfect time to add another job to the million jobs and businesses she already runs!
Since the spring, Lou has been the organised, energised social star that we need, taking over all things social media and communication! Why not pop over to our instagram to see what she’s been up to and say hello, and while you’re there, take a look at her own fabulous ventures and @thats.handy - Christmas gift ideas anyone?!
Collage of pictures of Louisa
We’re incredibly grateful to have these busy women join our team and to have filled our ‘new normal’ with passion, great cackles and strength in numbers! Because as we all know, teamwork makes the dream work, right?
We encourage you to take this dark, damp, largely locked down month and turn it around to something beautiful too. Make a list of the people and things you’re grateful for, spend an evening writing cards to friends, make some carefully selected Christmas gift purchases from some creative independent businesses. It’ll give you that warm, wintery glow - who needs the bonfire?!
Oh, speaking of creative collaborations with longtime friends, keep your eyes peeled later this month for a special little festive treat!
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