Collage of new Jade Fisher cards


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Welcome to May’s first blog post. We sure hope this finds you…outdoors! (Though someone ought to tell the sun, she’s got one job! Shine for cryin’ out loud!)
As spring has well and truly sprung, and lockdown restrictions allow us to spread our wings a little further, we’re over the moon to give you a brand new collection of cards that are as bright and joyful as our hopes for the coming months.
'Brighten days ahead' - Sunshine card
As you may see, we’re freshening things up with this new range of work, channelling our love of folk and nature motifs for a substantial selection that’s fun, bright ’n’ bold!
A collage of cards
We’ve got plenty of fresh new cards for best pals. After this tough year, it’s all about nurture and nature, as Jade describes how these latest designs came about:
When we were told to stay home for the first time at the beginning of last year, my entire day became about my walk to the post box. We had launched Imperfect Post and I would spend the morning writing cards - loads of cards! - with sweet and funny and kind messages between friends who were being kept apart. After lunch, Fenn Dog and I would stroll down to post them - a walk that got longer and longer each day, until we were spending most of the afternoon outdoors. It took a while to not feel guilty about not doing things or not being busy, to realise that there wasn’t actually anything more important than my time outside. Friendship and fresh air. Two of the most important things in life. And that’s what inspired my design for our new collection.
'Hello friend' - Kaffe
So get browsing and send a little love (don’t forget, we’ll write your card and send it for you.) Why not use this excuse to send a little invite for an actual IRL meet up and get adventuring with your besties!
And one last thing - keep your eyes on instagram for a giveaway of new goodies soon!